Property Listing

Brands showcased at BLE 2012 included:

"Das Boot" (Bavaria Sonor)
101 Ways (Santoro Licensing)
47 Ronin (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
50 Cent (Live Nation Merchandise)
7 Up (Euro Lizenzen)
7UP (Licensing Management International)


A.C. Milan (adidas)
Abadas (HoHo Entertainment)
AC/DC (Live Nation Merchandise)
Ace Attorney (Capcom)
Adventure Time (BRB Internacional)
Aerosmith (Live Nation Merchandise)
After Earth (Backstage srl)
Airfix (Rocket Licensing)
Alchemy Black Rose (Alchemy Licensing)
Alchemy Empire (Alchemy Licensing)
Alchemy Gothic 1977 (Alchemy Licensing)
Alchemy Metalwear (Alchemy Licensing)
Alchemy UL13 (Alchemy Licensing)
Alchemy UL13 (Art Ask Agency)
Alchemy UL17 (Alchemy Licensing)
Alex T Smith (Art House Licensing)
Alexander Holzach (Artist) (Licensegateway Ltd)
Alison Jackson (DCD Publishing)
All Our Yesterdays (Howard Robinson & Associates)
Allman Brothers (Live Nation Merchandise)
Almost Naked Animals (Bruno Productions)
Almost Naked Animals (Lisle International Licensing)
Alphablocks (Blue-Zoo)
Ambi Pur (Beanstalk)
America's Legacy: FBI CIA LAPD (Licensing Management International)
Amoy (Hot Pickle)
Angel Cat Sugar (Alicom, Premium & Tact)
Angel Cat Sugar (Bruno Productions)
Angelina Ballerina (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Angel's Friends (Play Entertainment)
Animal Mechanicals (DHX / Wildbrain)
animaru (Animaru)
Animate It! (Aardman Rights)
Anne Geddes (Euro Lizenzen)
Anne Stokes (Art Ask Agency)
Antigua (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Aquascutum (Beanstalk)
Artestar (Biplano S.A.)
Artist Helen Simpson (INHOUSE Enterprises / Zandra Rhodes)
AS Roma (AS Roma)
Assaf Frank (Art House Licensing)
Assaf Frank Photography (Assaf Frank Photography and Licensing)
Assassin's Creed (NECA Inc.)
Asterix (Les Editions Albert Rene)
Aston Martin (Performance Brands)
A-Z (Rocket Licensing)


B52's (Live Nation Merchandise)
Bab Baby (Art House Licensing)
Babar (ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment)
Babar and Badou (Nelvana Enterprises Inc.)
Baby Boop (Allsorts Licensing)
Baby Boop (King Features)
Baby Popeye (Allsorts Licensing)
Back at the Barnyard (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Back2Front by Reilly (Euro Lizenzen)
Bad Cat (JELC)
Bagpuss (Coolabi)
Bamforth & Co Ltd (JELC)
BANANA CABANA (LUK Internacional)
Bananaman (DC Thomson & Co)
Bananas in Pyjamas (BRB Internacional)
Banqueting House (Historic Royal Palaces)
Barbara Streisand (Live Nation Merchandise)
Barbie (ARB Worldwide Corporation Sdn. Bhd.)
Barbie (Mattel Brands Consumer Products)
Barry M (JELC)
Basic Instinct (Creative Licensing Corp)
Basil Brush (Classic Media)
Basquiat (Backstage srl)
Batfink (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (Battersea Dogs & Cats Home)
Battle (Brands With Influence)
Battlestar Galactica (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Batz Maru (Sanrio License GmbH)
Bazoo Cuddle Time (Helz Cuppleditch)
Beast Keeper (Mondo TV)
Beastie Boys (Live Nation Merchandise)
Beavis & Butthead (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Beetle Bailey (King Features)
Bellator (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Ben & Holly´s Little Kingdom (El Ocho)
Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom (Entertainment One)
BEN 10 OMNIVERSE (BRB Internacional)
Ben and Jerrys (Hot Pickle)
Ben10 (ARB Worldwide Corporation Sdn. Bhd.)
Benice (Live Nation Merchandise)
Bernard (BRB Internacional)
BESOMEONE (Global Licensing)
Betsy Cameron (Konnect)
Betty Boop (Allsorts Licensing)
Betty Boop (Biplano S.A.)
Betty Boop (King Features)
Beverly Hills Polo Club (Lifestyle Licensing BV/Beverly Hills Polo Club Int)
Beyblade (Backstage srl)
Beyblade (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Beyblade Metal Fury (Nelvana Enterprises Inc.)
Big Time Rush (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Creative Licensing Corp)
Billy & Buddy (Mediatoon Licensing)
Billy Idol (Live Nation Merchandise)
Bin Weevils (Bin Weevils Ltd)
Birdman (Euro Lizenzen)
Black & Decker (Beanstalk)
Black & White (Art Ask Agency)
Blinxx (JELC)
Blur (Live Nation Merchandise)
BMW (Performance Brands)
Bob & Peski (JELC)
Bob and Peski (Brilliant Brands)
Bob Seger (Live Nation Merchandise)
Bob The Builder (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Bonzo (Mary Evans Picture Library)
Boston (Live Nation Merchandise)
Bratz (Backstage srl)
Bratz (Biplano S.A.)
Brian Sweet (Art House Licensing)
Brigid Collins (Art House Licensing)
Brigid Collins (Art House Licensing)
Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
British Airways (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
British Fashion Icon Zandra Rhodes (INHOUSE Enterprises / Zandra Rhodes)
British Motor Heritage (Licensing Management International)
Britney Spears (Live Nation Merchandise)
Bruce Springsteen (Live Nation Merchandise)
Brutal Bakteria (Pea&Promoplast S.r.l)
Bubble Guppies (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Buff (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Bugsted (El Ocho)
Build a Bear Workshop (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Bunnies by the Bay (Copyrights)
Burny The Little Dragon (Moonscoop)
Burton Morris (Backstage srl)


Caillou (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Californication (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
CALIMERO (Alphanim /Gaumont)
Cally-Jane Isaacs (Art House Licensing)
Calvin Harris (Live Nation Merchandise)
Camilla L (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Campri (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Canal Cocina (El Ocho)
Canimals (Aardman Rights)
CANIMALS (BRB Internacional)
Capespan/Outspan/Fyffes (Licensing Management International)
Captain Harlock (Backstage srl)
Care Bears (American Greetings Properties)
Carl Pendle (Art House Licensing)
Carlton (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Caroline Thomson (Art House Licensing)
Cartoon Network (RDP Creative)
Cash In The Attic (Brands With Influence)
Casper The Friendly Ghost (Classic Media)
Cat Leopold (Mondo TV)
Catalina Estrada (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Catitudes (Marilyn Robertson)
Catsline (Allsorts Licensing)
Catzz (Licensegateway Ltd)
CBS Films (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
CBS TV City (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Celebrity Juice (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
C'est pas sorcier (The Whizz report) (France TV DISTRIBUTION)
Chambord (Beanstalk)
Chaplin & Co. - TV Series (Propertiz)
Charley's War (Brands With Influence)
Charlotte Ronson (Performance Brands)
Charlotte's Web (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Charmed (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Charuca (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Chelsea Flower Show (RHS Enterprises)
Chemical Brothers (Live Nation Merchandise)
Cher Lloyd (Global Merchandising Services Ltd.)
Chicken Town (El Ocho)
Chickenfoot (Live Nation Merchandise)
Chippendales (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Chiquita (Beanstalk)
Chloe's Closet (Moonscoop)
Chococat (Sanrio License GmbH)
Christina Aguliera (Live Nation Merchandise)
Christopher Gibbs (Art House Licensing)
Chuggington (Backstage srl)
Chuggington (Biplano S.A.)
Chuggington (Ludorum Plc)
Chuppa Chupps (Fluid World Ltd)
Cicciobello (Backstage srl)
Cicciobello (Giochi Preziosi SpA)
Cinderella (Live Nation Merchandise)
Citizen Panda (Brilliant Brands)
City Girls (Art Ask Agency)
City of Friends (CreaCon Entertainment)
Claire Winteringham (Art House Licensing)
Clanners (El Ocho)
Cliffhanger (Creative Licensing Corp)
Cloudbabies (HoHo Entertainment)
Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers (Backstage srl)
Code Lyoko Evolution (Moonscoop)
Coldplay (Live Nation Merchandise)
Color me Mine (El Ocho)
Commando (DC Thomson & Co)
Conni (m4e AG)
Corgi (Rocket Licensing)
Cosima Dinkel (Art House Licensing)
Craig Shuttlewood (Art House Licensing)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Cut the Rope (ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment)


Daisy Patch (Paper Rose Ltd)
DAKAR (Bavaria Sonor)
Dakar (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Dave Mustaine (Live Nation Merchandise)
David & Goliath (Sagoo)
David Bowie (Live Nation Merchandise)
David Hitch (Art House Licensing)
David Wright Pin-Ups (Mary Evans Picture Library)
DC (RDP Creative)
Deadmau5 (Live Nation Merchandise)
Dear Zoo (Metrostar)
Def Leppard (Live Nation Merchandise)
dEmo (El Ocho)
Dena™ (Dena Designs, Inc)
Dena™ Home (Dena Designs, Inc)
Dennis & Gnasher (DC Thomson & Co)
Depeche Mode (Live Nation Merchandise)
Despicable Me 2 (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Devil May Cry (Capcom)
DEWALT (Beanstalk)
Dexter (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Diana Leadbetter (Art House Licensing)
Dick Figures (Caroline Mickler Ltd)
Dinofroz (Backstage srl)
Dinofroz (Giochi Preziosi SpA)
Dinofroz (Mondo TV)
Disney (RDP Creative)
Disney Princess (ARB Worldwide Corporation Sdn. Bhd.)
Diva (Clare Jordan Ltd)
DIVE OLLY DIVE! (Atlantyca Entertainment)
Django Unchained (NECA Inc.)
DOFUS (Ankama)
Dolores Promesas (El Ocho)
Domo (Big Tent Entertainment)
Donnay (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Doodle Divas (Licensegateway Ltd)
Doodleboos (WITHIT Licensing)
Dora Explorer (Biplano S.A.)
Dora The Explorer (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Dora The Explorer (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
DORAEMON (LUK Internacional)
Downton Abbey (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Dr. Slump (Backstage srl)
Dr. Slump-Arale (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Movies) (Creative Licensing Corp)
Dragon Ball (Backstage srl)
Dragon Ball (Biplano S.A.)
Dream Theater (Live Nation Merchandise)
Dreamworks (Biplano S.A.)
Driver Dan (Rocket Licensing)
Duane Allman (Live Nation Merchandise)
Duck and Cover (Performance Brands)
Dunlop (International Brand Management & Licensing)


e.vil (Backstage srl)
Eagles (Live Nation Merchandise)
Easy Living (Linda Wood Designs)
Eddie Van Halen (Live Nation Merchandise)
El Pez (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Ele Pack (Art House Licensing)
ElFoodz (Play Entertainment)
Elisabeth Haager (Art House Licensing)
ELLE (Lagardere Active Enterprises)
ELLE à table (Lagardere Active Enterprises)
ELLE DECORATION (Lagardere Active Enterprises)
ELLE Girl (Lagardere Active Enterprises)
ELLE SPORT (Lagardere Active Enterprises)
Ellen Crimi-Trent (Art House Licensing)
ELVIS (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Elvis (Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.)
Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.)
Elvisly Yours (Licensing Management International)
Emily Button (Euro Lizenzen)
Emily Button (Hallmark Cards Plc)
Emily Milne Wallis (Art House Licensing)
Emily the Strange (Sagoo)
Emma Forbes (DCD Publishing)
England Rugby - RFU (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Erica Sturla (Holy Mackerel Uk Ltd)
Escape From New York (Creative Licensing Corp)
Eve Poland (Art House Licensing)
Evel Knievel (Event Merchandising)
Everlast (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Everything's Rosie (V&S Entertainment)
Evil Dead 2 (Creative Licensing Corp)
Extreme Zombies (MGL Licensing)


Fabulous Florals (Marilyn Robertson)
Fairy (Beanstalk)
Fairy Tail (Mediatoon Licensing)
Famous Grouse (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Fanboy & Chum Chum (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Fanboy&Chumchum (Biplano S.A.)
Father Christmas (Copyrights)
Fatina Dreams (Fatina Dreams / Chocolate Rain Ltd)
Fattoria Best Friends (Pea&Promoplast S.r.l)
Febreze (Beanstalk)
feeling veggie (FG Photography)
Felix The Cat (Allsorts Licensing)
Fenchurch (Performance Brands)
Fido Dido (Bruno Productions)
Fifi & the Flowertots (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Fifty Shades of Grey (Caroline Mickler Ltd)
Filly (BRB Internacional)
Filly (Dracco Company Ltd)
Finlandia (Beanstalk)
Fireman Sam (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Firetrap (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Fishbone's 2 Nite (Fishbone Production Partners, LLC)
Fishbone's Alley (Fishbone Production Partners, LLC)
Fisher-Price (Mattel Brands Consumer Products)
Fist of the North Star (Backstage srl)
Flamenco (El Ocho)
Flash Gordon (Allsorts Licensing)
Flash Gordon (King Features)
Flavia Cacace (DCD Publishing)
Fleetwood Mac (Live Nation Merchandise)
Flora's Hill (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Foo Fighters (Live Nation Merchandise)
Ford (Performance Brands)
Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Forever Friends (Euro Lizenzen)
Forever Friends (Hallmark Cards Plc)
FRAGGLE ROCK (Alphanim /Gaumont)
Francesca Gregori (FG Photography)
Franklin and Friends (Nelvana Enterprises Inc.)
Frea Buckler (Art House Licensing)
French Football Federation (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Frida Kahlo (Art Ask Agency)
Frog & Friends (m4e AG)
Fulanitos (Fulanitos)
Fulham Football Club (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Full Circle (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Fun To Learn (Redan Alchemy)
FUNNY FACE (Atlantyca Entertainment)
Funny Olde Worlde (Holy Mackerel Uk Ltd)
Furby (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)


GALACTIK FOOTBALL (Alphanim /Gaumont)
GAMAGO (Sagoo)
Garfield (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Garfield (Euro Lizenzen)
Garfield (Mediatoon Licensing)
Gary Taxali (Backstage srl)
Gears of War (NECA Inc.)
Gem Fairies (JELC)
Gene Simmons and Family (Live Nation Merchandise)
Gene Simmons Family Jewels (Live Nation Merchandise)
George Michael (Live Nation Merchandise)
George Reddings (Art House Licensing)
Geromino Stilton (Moonscoop)
Geronimo Stilton (BRB Internacional)
GERONIMO STILTON ANIMATION (Atlantyca Entertainment)
GERONIMO STILTON CLASSIC (Atlantyca Entertainment)
Ghostbusters (Backstage srl)
GI Joe (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)
Girls&Co (Redan Alchemy)
Glamour (Marilyn Robertson)
Glasgow Museums (Art House Licensing)
Glee (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Go Diego Go (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Gogo's Crazy Bones (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Gola (Performance Brands)
Golddigga (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Gon (Rainbow Srl)
Goochicoo (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Gorillaz (Live Nation Merchandise)
Gorjuss (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Gorjuss (Santoro Licensing)
Gormiti (Giochi Preziosi SpA)
Gormiti 3D Cgi (Mondo TV)
Got Talent (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Grand Designs (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
grandma bendy (Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd)
Greenwich Polo Club (Copyrights)
Greg Cuddiford (MGL Licensing)
Grojband (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Grumpy Old Gits (JELC)
Guess How Much I Love You - Weisst du eigentlich, wie lieb ich dich hab? (Euro Lizenzen)
Guess How Much I Love You TV - Weisst du eigentlich, wie lieb ich dich hab? TV (Euro Lizenzen)
Guide to the Licensing World (Guide to the Licensing World)
guinea pig games (Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd)
Gummibear (Bavaria Sonor)


Hablando Sola (El Ocho)
Hagar The Horrible (Allsorts Licensing)
Hagar the Horrible (King Features)
Hampton Court Palace (Historic Royal Palaces)
happi by Dena™ (Dena Designs, Inc)
Hardy Amies & Norman Hartnell Archive (Mary Evans Picture Library)
HARIBO (Bavaria Sonor)
Hari's World (Hari's World)
Harley-Davidson (Europe) (Beanstalk)
Haute Girls™ (Dena Designs, Inc)
Heart & Soul (Linda Wood Designs)
Heinz Baked Beans (Hot Pickle)
Heinz Soup (Hot Pickle)
Heinz Tomato Ketchup (Hot Pickle)
Hello Kitty (Biplano S.A.)
Hello Kitty (Fluid World Ltd)
Hello Kitty (Sanrio License GmbH)
Helme Heine (Bavaria Sonor)
Historic Royal Palaces (Historic Royal Palaces)
Hit Entertainment (RDP Creative)
Holly Hobbie (American Greetings Properties)
Holly Hobbie (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Holly Hobbie & Friends (American Greetings Properties)
Hope and Greenwood (Hot Pickle)
Hornby (Rocket Licensing)
Horrid Henry (Caroline Mickler Ltd)
Hot Foot (MGL Licensing)
Hot Tuna (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Hotel Transylvania (Backstage srl)
House of Blues (Live Nation Merchandise)
House of Travilla (Art House Licensing)
How To Train Your Dragon Franchise (DreamWorks Animation)
How to... For the Inept (Two Little Boys Ltd)
Howard Robinson (Howard Robinson & Associates)
Howard Shooter (Art Ask Agency)
HP Sauce (Hot Pickle)
Hugo Trollrace (Hugo Games A/S)
Humf (Entertainment One)
Huntik (Rainbow Srl)


I Am Merryl (Kellogg Vintage)
I Like Music (Event Merchandising)
Ice Age (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Ideal Home Show (Brands With Influence)
Idols (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Imp (BRB Internacional)
Imperial War Museums (Imperial War Museum)
INAZUMA ELEVEN (Arait Multimedia)
Indiana Jones (Backstage srl)
Indiana Jones (Biplano S.A.)
Indiana Jones (Lucasfilm)
Insane Clown Posse (Live Nation Merchandise)
Inspector Gadget (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
International Equestrian Federation (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Interpol (Live Nation Merchandise)
Invizimals (BRB Internacional)
Iron Maiden (Global Merchandising Services Ltd.)
Isabella's Toybox (Rocket Licensing)
iStyleoriginals™ (Art Ask Agency)
Ivor the Engine (Coolabi)


J Geils Band (Live Nation Merchandise)
Jack Daniel's (Europe) (Beanstalk)
Jackie (DC Thomson & Co)
Jaguar (Beanstalk)
James Morrison (Live Nation Merchandise)
Jamiroquai (Live Nation Merchandise)
Jane Asher (Kellogg Vintage)
Jane Robbins (Art House Licensing)
Janet Reger (Caroline Mickler Ltd)
Janine Partington (Art House Licensing)
Janosch (Bavaria Sonor)
Jasmine Bunn (Lemon Ribbon)
JCB (JCB Consumer Products)
JCB BOYS (JCB Consumer Products)
Jean-Michel Basquiat (Biplano S.A.)
Jean-Michel Basquiat (Euro Lizenzen)
Jeff Dunham (NECA Inc.)
Jehane Boden Spiers (Art House Licensing)
Jelly Jamm (El Ocho)
Jenny Tylden Wright (Art House Licensing)
Jeremyville (Sagoo)
JEWELPET (LUK Internacional)
Jimmy Eat World (Live Nation Merchandise)
JLS (Global Merchandising Services Ltd.)
Joe Grillo (Backstage srl)
Joe Perry (Live Nation Merchandise)
Joe Satriani (Live Nation Merchandise)
John Harris (Art House Licensing)
John Lennon / Bag One Art (Live Nation Merchandise)
John Lennon / Yoko Ono (Live Nation Merchandise)
John Mellencamp (Live Nation Merchandise)
Johnny Test (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Josefine (Hugo Games A/S)
Josephine Baker (Sagoo)
Journey (Live Nation Merchandise)
Jowish Ltd (Jowish Ltd.)
Julien Chung (Licensing Management International)
Jurassic Park (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Just Dance (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Justin and the Knights of Valour (Entertainment One)


Kaddelbears (Licensegateway Ltd)
Kambu (BRB Internacional)
Kangol (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Karlsson on the roof (in Russia) (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Karrimor (International Brand Management & Licensing)
KASHI KISU by Reilly (Euro Lizenzen)
KASKADE (Live Nation Merchandise)
Kate Humble (Brands With Influence)
Kate Osborne (Art House Licensing)
Kathryn Thomas Originals (Kathryn Thomas Originals)
Ke$ha (Live Nation Merchandise)
Keith Haring (Backstage srl)
Keith Haring (Biplano S.A.)
Keith Haring (Euro Lizenzen)
KEITH KIMBERLIN (Lo Coco Licensing)
Kelley-Mouse (Live Nation Merchandise)
Kellogg Vintage (Kellogg Vintage)
Keng Wai Lee (Art House Licensing)
Kenny Scharf (Backstage srl)
Kensington Palace (Historic Royal Palaces)
Keroppi (Sanrio License GmbH)
Kew Palace (Historic Royal Palaces)
KHUDA-YANA (BRB Internacional)
Kimmidoll Collection (El Ocho)
kimmidoll collection (kimmidoll)
Kimmidoll Junior (El Ocho)
kimmidoll junior (kimmidoll)
Kimmidoll Love (El Ocho)
kimmidoll love (kimmidoll)
Kimono (Linda Wood Designs)
Kimono (Marilyn Robertson)
King Dick Tools (Licensing Management International)
Kings of Leon (Live Nation Merchandise)
KISS (Live Nation Merchandise)
KISS Archie (Live Nation Merchandise)
KISS Hello Kitty (Live Nation Merchandise)
Knight Rider (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Kombat Dragon (Pea&Promoplast S.r.l)
Krystyna Litten (Art House Licensing)
Kuma Couture (JELC)
Kung Fu Panda Franchise (DreamWorks Animation)
Kuromi (Sanrio License GmbH)
Kurt Cobain (Live Nation Merchandise)
Kylie Minogue (Live Nation Merchandise)


LA Gear (International Brand Management & Licensing)
La Magia de Chloe (El Ocho)
Lalaloopsy (Backstage srl)
Lalaloopsy (Biplano S.A.)
Land Rover (Beanstalk)
Lassie (Classic Media)
Launay Designs (Launay Designs)
Lazytown (El Ocho)
Le Petit Prince (Biplano S.A.)
Lea and Perrins (Hot Pickle)
Led Zeppelin (Live Nation Merchandise)
Lemon Ribbon Studio (Lemon Ribbon)
Lemonheads (Live Nation Merchandise)
lief! lifestyle (lief! lifestyle)
LIFE (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Linda Calvert-Jacobson (Art House Licensing)
Lisa Spencer (Art House Licensing)
Little Anna (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Little Charley Bear (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Little ghost Laban (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Little Golden Books (Classic Media)
Little Nick - Der Kleine Nick - Le Petit Nicholas (Euro Lizenzen)
Little Nick - TV Series (Propertiz)
Little Pink & Brokiga (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Little Pollon (Backstage srl)
Little Red Tractor (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Little Suzy's Zoo (Euro Lizenzen)
Little Twin Stars (Sanrio License GmbH)
Littlephant (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Littlest Pet Shop (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)
Live Nation Music Artist (Sagoo)
LiveNation (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Living Dead Dolls (NECA Inc.)
Liz Toole (Art House Licensing)
London & Partners (Caroline Mickler Ltd)
London Fire Brigade (Mary Evans Picture Library)
Lonsdale (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Lord of the Rings (NECA Inc.)
Lords - The Home of Cricket (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Lorna Siviter (Art House Licensing)
Los Daltons (El Ocho)
Los Lunnis (El Ocho)
Lost Planet (Capcom)
Lucky Fred (Imira Entertainment)
Lucky Luke (El Ocho)
Lucky Luke (Mediatoon Licensing)
Luis Miguel (Live Nation Merchandise)
Luis Royo (Art Ask Agency)
Luke James (Art House Licensing)
Lulu Vroumette (France TV DISTRIBUTION)
Lumenglass (Marvelpress)
Luv Me Baddies (Brilliant Brands)
Luv Me Buddies (Brilliant Brands)
Lynx (Hot Pickle)
Lynyrd Skynyrd (Live Nation Merchandise)


M.I.L.K. (Konnect)
Mac Miller (Live Nation Merchandise)
Macmillan Cancer Research (RDP Creative)
Madagascar Franchise (DreamWorks Animation)
Madalene's Hearts (Konnect)
Madballs (American Greetings Properties)
Madonna (Live Nation Merchandise)
Madonna Nudes 1979 (Bavaria Sonor)
Mafalda (El Ocho)
Magic Belles (DCD Publishing)
Magic Belles (Magic Belles)
Magical Doremì (Backstage srl)
Magnum Ice-Cream (Hot Pickle)
Mana (Live Nation Merchandise)
Mapplethorpe (Backstage srl)
Maranello Made in Red (Backstage srl)
Maria Slovakova (Maria Slovakova)
Marilyn Monroe (NECA Inc.)
Marion Brandis (Art House Licensing)
Maripol (Backstage srl)
Marky Ramone (Live Nation Merchandise)
Marmite (Hot Pickle)
Maroon 5 (Live Nation Merchandise)
Marsh Mellow (MGL Licensing)
Martin Sadler (Art House Licensing)
Maryoku Yummy (American Greetings Properties)
Marzipan (Paper Rose Ltd)
Massive Attack (Live Nation Merchandise)
Masters Of The Universe / He-Man (Classic Media)
Matt Hatter Chronicles (ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment)
Matt Roberts (Golden Goose)
Mattel (Mattel Brands Consumer Products)
Matthew Williamson (Beanstalk)
Maui (El Ocho)
Maui & Sons (El Ocho)
Maurer's Celebrity Icons (Licensing Management International)
maverick meerkats (Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd)
Max Factor (Europe) (Beanstalk)
McFly (Live Nation Merchandise)
McGinness (Backstage srl)
mckenzie (Performance Brands)
Me to You (Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd)
Meat Loaf (Live Nation Merchandise)
Mega Man (Capcom)
Megadeth (Live Nation Merchandise)
Melissa Etheridge (Live Nation Merchandise)
Melissa Mailer-Yates (Art House Licensing)
MelvinTiles (Maria Slovakova)
MGM Archive (Rocket Licensing)
Mia and me (m4e AG)
Mia&Me (Rainbow Srl)
Mica (BRB Internacional)
Miffy (Biplano S.A.)
Mighty Mouse (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Mik, Mak and Zak (Redan Alchemy)
Mike The Knight (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
MINI (Performance Brands)
Minimiam (Holy Mackerel Uk Ltd)
Mique Moriuchi (Art House Licensing)
Miss Dolly (Allsorts Licensing)
Misty (Brands With Influence)
Modhesh (Mondo TV)
Monkey (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Monopoly (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)
Monsieur Madame (Mr Men / France) (France TV DISTRIBUTION)
Monster High (Mattel Brands Consumer Products)
Monster Hunter (Capcom)
Monster Jam (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Monster Jam (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Monsuno (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Moomin (Caroline Mickler Ltd)
Moomin (Sagoo)
Morag Lloyds (Art House Licensing)
Mortadelo y Filemón (Biplano S.A.)
Mortons Media Group (Licensing Management International)
Moshi Monsters (Moshi Monsters)
MoshiMoshi Kawaï (Mediatoon Licensing)
MoshiMoshiKawaii (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Moshlings (Moshi Monsters)
MotoGP (Dorna Sports)
Motorhead (Global Merchandising Services Ltd.)
MOUK (Atlantyca Entertainment)
Mountain Dew (Licensing Management International)
MovieStarPlanet (Beanstalk)
Moxie Girlz (Backstage srl)
Mr Bloom's Nursery (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Mr T (Licensing Management International)
Mr. Bean (El Ocho)
Mr. Clean (Beanstalk)
Mr. Men & Little Miss (Fluid World Ltd)
Mr. Men Little Miss (Sanrio License GmbH)
Mr. Peabody & Sherman (Classic Media)
Mrs Brown's Boys (Rocket Licensing)
MTA - New York Subway (Caroline Mickler Ltd)
MTV Classic (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Muhammad Ali (Muhammad Ali Enterprises)
Museum of London (Museum of London)
Music merchandising (DCD Publishing)
musical moggs (Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd)
Mutts (Allsorts Licensing)
My 1st JCB (JCB Consumer Products)
My Cat Pip (Over the Moon Designs)
My Darkest Days (Live Nation Merchandise)
My Little Pony (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)
My Melody (Sanrio License GmbH)
My Monster (GeeWiz Design)
Mya Licensing (Mya Inc.)


Naipes Heraclio Fournier (El Ocho)
Nana (Art House Licensing)
Nancy (El Ocho)
Nanny State (Performance Brands)
Naruto (Mediatoon Licensing)
National Magazine Company Archive (Mary Evans Picture Library)
National Wildlife Federation (Licensing Management International)
Neighbourwood (Helz Cuppleditch)
Neil Diamond (Live Nation Merchandise)
Nel - Art for Living (Konnect)
Nerf (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)
Nero (Live Nation Merchandise)
Nevica (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Newcastle Brown Ale (Performance Brands)
Nic (Licensegateway Ltd)
Nickelback (Live Nation Merchandise)
Nickelodeon (RDP Creative)
Nintendo (Performance Brands)
Nirvana (Live Nation Merchandise)
No Fear (International Brand Management & Licensing)
No Limits (Mondo TV)
Noddy (Biplano S.A.)
Noddy (Classic Media)


Obelix (Les Editions Albert Rene)
Odeon (RDP Creative)
Okami (Capcom)
Olive Oyl (Allsorts Licensing)
Olive Oyl (Biplano S.A.)
Olive Oyl (King Features)
Olive the Ostrich (Blue-Zoo)
Olivia (Classic Media)
Olivia à Paris (France TV DISTRIBUTION)
Olivia Villet (Art House Licensing)
Olly The Little White Van (Rocket Licensing)
One Direction (Global Merchandising Services Ltd.)
One Lump or Two (Holy Mackerel Uk Ltd)
One Piece (Backstage srl)
Onepiece (Biplano S.A.)
Onslow's Vintage Posters (Mary Evans Picture Library)
OppTalk (Globe Edutainment GmbH)
Oui-Oui (Noddy / France) (France TV DISTRIBUTION)
Ozzy Osbourne (Live Nation Merchandise)


Pacific Rim (NECA Inc.)
PAC-MAN (BRB Internacional)
PAC-MAN (Lisle International Licensing)
Paddington Bear (Copyrights)
Pampered Girls (El Ocho)
Pampered Girls (Lisle International Licensing)
Paramount (Biplano S.A.)
Paramount (RDP Creative)
Paramount Pictures Back Catalogue (Backstage srl)
Paris Hilton (Beanstalk)
Partidei (Mondo TV)
Patricia McCarthy (Art House Licensing)
Paul Frank (Saban Brands)
Paul Frank (Sagoo)
Paul Thurlby (Art House Licensing)
Paul Wright (Art House Licensing)
Paws For Thought (MGL Licensing)
Peel Engineering Ltd (JELC)
Penguins Of Madagascar (Rocket Licensing)
Pengwins (Marilyn Robertson)
Penthouse (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Peppa Pig (El Ocho)
Peppa Pig (Entertainment One)
Pepper and Friends (Helz Cuppleditch)
Pepsi Cola (Euro Lizenzen)
Pepsi, Pepsi-Cola, Pepsi Max (Licensing Management International)
Peter Adderley (MGL Licensing)
Pets Rock (Art Ask Agency)
Phantom (King Features)
Phizzogs (WITHIT Licensing)
Photo Finish (Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd)
Pictaleather (Marvelpress)
Pingu (Backstage srl)
Pink Floyd-The Wall (Live Nation Merchandise)
Pink Panther (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Pinkie Pets By Myrna (By Myrna BV)
Pippi Longstocking (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Pippi Longstocking Live Action (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Pixeline (Hugo Games A/S)
Pixi and the Magic Wall (m4e AG)
Pizza Express (Hot Pickle)
Plain Lazy (JELC)
Playhour archive (Mary Evans Picture Library)
Playmobil (Bavaria Sonor)
Playskool (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)
Playtime Buddies (Mondo TV)
Poison (Live Nation Merchandise)
Pok-Pong (Dynit S.r.l)
Polly Pocket (Mattel Brands Consumer Products)
Popcorn the Bear (Popcorn the Bear / Bright Star Characters)
Popeye (Allsorts Licensing)
Popeye (Biplano S.A.)
Popeye (King Features)
PopPixie (Rainbow Srl)
Poppy Cat (Coolabi)
Portobello (Paper Rose Ltd)
Postman Pat (Biplano S.A.)
Postman Pat (Classic Media)
Power Rangers (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Power Rangers (Saban Brands)
Predasaurs (Dracco Company Ltd)
Predators (NECA Inc.)
Prince Valiant (King Features)
Princess Pearl (Rocket Licensing)
Psychopathic Records (Live Nation Merchandise)
PSYCLOPS (Alphanim /Gaumont)
Punky Fish (Performance Brands)
Punky Princess (Punky Princess)
Puppy in my Pocket, Adventures in Pocketville (Giochi Preziosi SpA)
Purple Ronnie (Coolabi)


R.I.P.D (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Raa Raa The Noisy Lion (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Rabbids (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Rachael Hale® (Dissero Brands)
Radio Days (Euro Lizenzen)
Rambo (Creative Licensing Corp)
Range Rover (Beanstalk)
Rarefootage (Sally King Design)
Rastamouse (DHX / Wildbrain)
Reilly (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Reilly (MGL Licensing)
REO Speedwagon (Live Nation Merchandise)
Repsol (El Ocho)
Resident Evil (Capcom)
Retro Botanics (Linda Wood Designs)
Retrograph (Mary Evans Picture Library)
RHS Colour Chart (RHS Enterprises)
Richard Hammond's Blast Lab (DCD Publishing)
Richard Scarry (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Rise Of The Guardians (Rocket Licensing)
Riverbank Revels (Helz Cuppleditch)
RJ MCDONALD (Lo Coco Licensing)
Roary the Racing Car (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Robert Mapplethorpe (Euro Lizenzen)
Robert Plant (Live Nation Merchandise)
ROBIN ZINGONE (LUK Internacional)
Robocop (Rocket Licensing)
Rocky (Rocket Licensing)
Rod Stewart (Live Nation Merchandise)
Roger Daltrey (Live Nation Merchandise)
Roland Rat (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Romeo (Live Nation Merchandise)
Roobarb and Custard (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Rosanna Rossi (Art House Licensing)
Route 66 (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Roxx (Lisle International Licensing)
Roy of The Rovers (Brands With Influence)
Roy Orbison (Live Nation Merchandise)
Royal Aeronautical Society (Mary Evans Picture Library)
Royal Horticultural Society (RHS Enterprises)
Rubes Cartoons (Licensing Management International)
Run DMC (Live Nation Merchandise)
Rupert Bear (Classic Media)
Rush (Live Nation Merchandise)
Russel Watson (Live Nation Merchandise)
Ruth Green (Art House Licensing)
Ryan McGinness (Euro Lizenzen)


Sabrina (Moonscoop)
Sailor Moon (Backstage srl)
Saint Seiya (Backstage srl)
Sally King Design (Sally King Design)
Salma Hayek (Beanstalk)
Sandra Isaksson (Backstage srl)
Santoro London (Santoro Licensing)
Santoro's Gorjuss (Santoro Licensing)
Sarah Jones (Art House Licensing)
Sarah Kay (Euro Lizenzen)
Scalextric (Rocket Licensing)
Scarface (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Scarlett & Crimson (Coolabi)
Schnuffelbären (Licensegateway Ltd)
Scott Weiland (Live Nation Merchandise)
Scottish Football Association (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Sean Bennet (Art House Licensing)
Sengoku BASARA (Capcom)
Serena Cumni (Art House Licensing)
Serpico (Creative Licensing Corp)
Sesame Street (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Sex Pistols (Live Nation Merchandise)
Sex Pistols (Sagoo)
Shaggy Chic™ (Dena Designs, Inc)
Shakira (Live Nation Merchandise)
Sharon Osbourne (Live Nation Merchandise)
Shaun the Sheep (Aardman Rights)
Shell (Licensing Management International)
Sherlock Holmes (Event Merchandising)
SHIN CHAN (LUK Internacional)
Shinzi Katoh (Copyrights)
Shoot (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Shrek Franchise (DreamWorks Animation)
SHS SuperHomoSapiens (Play Entertainment)
Sid Vicious (Live Nation Merchandise)
Simon Mann (DCD Publishing)
Sindy (Bulldog Licensing Ltd)
Sixx:A.M. - Nikki Sixx (Live Nation Merchandise)
SKATELAB (Alphanim /Gaumont)
Sketchbook (Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd)
Skullebrities (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Skylanders (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Slayer (Global Merchandising Services Ltd.)
Slazenger (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Soft Spots (Bruno Productions)
Softly Drawn (Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd)
Sondico (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Sonic the Hedgehog™ (SEGA Corporation)
Sony (RDP Creative)
Sony Pictures Back Catalogue (Backstage srl)
Sophie la girafe (DeLiso Development Licensing Sophie la girafe)
South Park (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Southern Comfort (Beanstalk)
Soviet (International Brand Management & Licensing)
Space Invaders (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Spam (Licensing Management International)
Sparkle Fairy (Redan Alchemy)
Sparkle World (DCD Publishing)
Sparkle World (Redan Alchemy)
Special Delivery (Helz Cuppleditch)
Spirit (Paper Rose Ltd)
Spirou & Fantasio (Mediatoon Licensing)
Splatterosi (Dynit S.r.l)
SpongeBob (Biplano S.A.)
SpongeBob SquarePants (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
SPUNKY MUNKY (LUK Internacional)
Spyker (Performance Brands)
St. Andrews Links (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Stanley (Beanstalk)
Star Trek (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Star Wars (Backstage srl)
Star Wars (Biplano S.A.)
Star Wars (Lucasfilm)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Backstage srl)
Steely Dan (Live Nation Merchandise)
Steven Hall (Artist) (Licensegateway Ltd)
Steven Lenton (Art House Licensing)
Stevie Nicks (Live Nation Merchandise)
Sting (Live Nation Merchandise)
Stone Temple Pilots (Live Nation Merchandise)
Strange Hill High (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Strawberry Shortcake (American Greetings Properties)
Strawberry Shortcake (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Street Fighter (Capcom)
Studio Pets By Myrna (By Myrna BV)
Stupid Factory Studios (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Subbuteo (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)
Sublicase (Marvelpress)
Sublicrylic (Marvelpress)
Sublideck (Marvelpress)
Sublime (Live Nation Merchandise)
Suckers (BRB Internacional)
Sue Haseltine (Art House Licensing)
Sugarsweet (Art Ask Agency)
Super League Rugby (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Superbernard (BRB Internacional)
Surviving Time Island with VIPO & Friends (Globe Edutainment GmbH)
Susan Hellard (Art House Licensing)
Suzy's Zoo (PGS Entertainment)
SWALK (Santoro Licensing)
Swedish House Mafia (Live Nation Merchandise)
System of a Down (Live Nation Merchandise)


TabbApp (NECA Inc.)
Take Me Out (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Talking Friends (Beanstalk)
Tara Duncan (Moonscoop)
Tarzan (Licensing Management International)
Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends (Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd)
TEA SISTERS (Atlantyca Entertainment)
Teacups and Trinkets (Helz Cuppleditch)
Team Toon (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Team Umizoomi (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Ted Nugent (Live Nation Merchandise)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Terminator (Creative Licensing Corp)
Terminator 2:Judgment Day (Creative Licensing Corp)
Tetley Tea Folk (Golden Goose)
Tetris (Caroline Mickler Ltd)
Tetris (Mondo TV)
The Annoying Orange (Rocket Licensing)
The Aquabats Super Show! (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
The Ashes Urn (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
The Avengers (TV) (Creative Licensing Corp)
The Beano (DC Thomson & Co)
The Bears' School (Plus Licens & Design AB)
The Beatles (Caroline Mickler Ltd)
The Beatles (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Beatles (Sagoo)
The Boy with the Cuckoo-clock heart (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
The British Library (The British Library)
The British Museum (The British Museum Company)
The British Postal Museum Archive (Licensing Management International)
The Care Bears (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
The Cat In The Hat (Rocket Licensing)
The Clangers (Coolabi)
The Clone Wars (Lucasfilm)
The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady (Copyrights)
The Croods (DreamWorks Animation)
The Cult (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Dangerous Book For Boys (Rocket Licensing)
The Dark Knight (NECA Inc.)
The Deer Hunter (Creative Licensing Corp)
The Dog (El Ocho)
the dog detectives (Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd)
The Doodlebops (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
The Fast & Furious (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
the fearsome beastie (Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd)
The Feeling (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Feelings (Brands With Influence)
The Fillmore (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Garfield Show (Euro Lizenzen)
The Goblin Princess (Redan Alchemy)
The Godfather (Biplano S.A.)
The Graduate (Creative Licensing Corp)
The Great British Bake Off (Metrostar)
The Great Escape (Rocket Licensing)
The Happets (Biplano S.A.)
The Hives (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Hobbit (NECA Inc.)
The Hunger Games (NECA Inc.)
The Jungle Bunch (PGS Entertainment)
The Kooks (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Land Before Time (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
The Little Prince (Propertiz)
The Little Prince - Le Petit Prince (Euro Lizenzen)
The Little Prince - TV Series (Propertiz)
THE LITTLE PRINCE ANIMATION (Atlantyca Entertainment)
THE LITTLE PRINCE CLASSIC (Atlantyca Entertainment)
The Little Prince TV - Der Kleine Prinz TV (Euro Lizenzen)
The London Line (Helz Cuppleditch)
The London Taxi Company (Licensing Management International)
The LUKAS (Brands With Influence)
The Magic Roundabout (Mediatoon Licensing)
The Medici Society (Mary Evans Picture Library)
The Midway State (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Moomins (Bulls Press Licensing)
The Nostalgic collection (Howard Robinson & Associates)
The Only Way Is Essex (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
The Penguins of Madagascar (Biplano S.A.)
The People's Friend (DC Thomson & Co)
The Police (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Public Zoo (Sagoo)
The Royal Mail (Licensing Management International)
The Scout Association (Metrostar)
The Simpsons (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
The Small Potatoes (Aardman Rights)
The Smurfs (Backstage srl)
The Smurfs (Biplano S.A.)
The Smurfs 2 (Backstage srl)
The Snowman (Copyrights)
The Trash Pack (Lisle International Licensing)
The Traveling Wilburys (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Twilight Saga (NECA Inc.)
The Used (Live Nation Merchandise)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Rocket Licensing)
The Wombles (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
The X Factor (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
This is Spinal Tap (Creative Licensing Corp)
Thomas & Friends (ARB Worldwide Corporation Sdn. Bhd.)
Thomas & Friends (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Thunderbirds (ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment)
Tiesto / Clvb Life (JELC)
Tiger Mask (Backstage srl)
Time Island (Globe Edutainment GmbH)
Timmy Time (Aardman Rights)
Timmy time (Biplano S.A.)
Tinga Tinga Tales (Classic Media)
Tiny Tatty Teddy (Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd)
Tip the Mouse (m4e AG)
Title (International Brand Management & Licensing)
TNA Wrestling (Event Merchandising)
Tom Petty (Live Nation Merchandise)
Tomislav Tomic (Art House Licensing)
Tommy Lee (Live Nation Merchandise)
Tonka (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)
Toonstars (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Top Trumps (Performance Brands)
Total Recall (Creative Licensing Corp)
Tour de France (Bavaria Sonor)
Tour de France (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Tour de France (Edebe Audiovisual S.L.)
Tower of London (Historic Royal Palaces)
Tractor Ted (Tractorland Ltd.)
Transformer (ARB Worldwide Corporation Sdn. Bhd.)
Transformers (Hasbro Brand Licensing & Publishing)
Tree Fu Tom (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Trendyou (Pea&Promoplast S.r.l)
Turbo (Biplano S.A.)
Turbo (DreamWorks Animation)
Turbo Ten (Moonscoop)
Turizmo Studios (JELC)
Twisted Whiskers (American Greetings Properties)
Twisted Whiskers (Bruno Productions)
Twizted (Live Nation Merchandise)


U2 (Live Nation Merchandise)
UK Sport (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
UmaSou (Plus Licens & Design AB)
Unilever (Hot Pickle)
Universal (RDP Creative)
Universal Studios Back Catalogue (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
University of Cambridge (Hot Pickle)
University of Oxford (Performance Brands)
USA Pro (International Brand Management & Licensing)


Valentina (MGL Licensing)
Valve: Portal (NECA Inc.)
Vampire Knight (Backstage srl)
Van Halen (Live Nation Merchandise)
Velvet Revolver (Live Nation Merchandise)
Vicky Martín Berrocal (El Ocho)
Vicky Scott (Art House Licensing)
Victoria and Albert Museum (V & A Enterprises)
Victoria Frances (Art Ask Agency)
Victorious (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Victorius (Biplano S.A.)
Vincent Simone (DCD Publishing)
Vintage Nostalgia (Linda Wood Designs)
Vintage Rose (Linda Wood Designs)
VIPO - Adventures of the Flying Dog (Globe Edutainment GmbH)
Virus Attack (Mondo TV)
Visual Noise (Art Ask Agency)
Viz (Metrostar)
Völkl (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Volvo (Beanstalk)
Voodoo Dolls (International Brand Management & Licensing)


Wag Alley® (Dissero Brands)
WAKFU (Ankama)
Wal Mart (RDP Creative)
Wallace and Gromit (Aardman Rights)
Wall's Ice Cream (Hot Pickle)
Warner Brothers (RDP Creative)
Weenicons (Art Ask Agency)
Welcome Spring (Helz Cuppleditch)
Werthers (Hot Pickle)
West Ham United (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Westlife (Live Nation Merchandise)
Wham-O (Rocket Licensing)
Whatever it Takes (Art Ask Agency)
Whatever It Takes (Celebrities Entertainment GmbH)
Where's Wally (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
Where's Wally? (Classic Media)
Whitesnake (Live Nation Merchandise)
Whizzer & Chips (Brands With Influence)
Wild about Words (Konnect)
William Heath Robinson (Mary Evans Picture Library)
Winnie the Witch (Metrostar)
Winx Club (Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products)
Winx Club (Rainbow Srl)
Winx Club (France) (France TV DISTRIBUTION)
Withit (El Ocho)
Withit (WITHIT Licensing)
Wizards Vs Aliens (FremantleMedia Enterprises)
Wize&Ope (PGS Entertainment)
Wizkids! (NECA Inc.)
Woodstock (Live Nation Merchandise)
Woolly & Tig (Brands With Influence)
Wooly (Bruno Productions)
Working Girls, One of a Kind Girls, Lost and Found (Working Girls Design, Inc.)
World Poker Tour (Licensing Management International)
World Rally Championship - WRC (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
World Wrestling Entertainment (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)
WotWots (American Greetings Properties)
WOW (Live Nation Merchandise)
Wu Tang Clan (Live Nation Merchandise)


Yakari (Euro Lizenzen)
Yakari (Mediatoon Licensing)
Yellow Submarine (Live Nation Merchandise)
Yellow Submarine (Sagoo)
Yes (Live Nation Merchandise)
Yo Gabba Gabba (DHX / Wildbrain)
Yoga Cats and Dogs (Allsorts Licensing)
YooHoo & Friends (Aurora World Ltd)
YU-GI-OH! (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


ZhuZhu Pets (Lisle International Licensing)
Zits (Allsorts Licensing)
Zombie Zity (Dracco Company Ltd)
Zoobabu (BRB Internacional)
Zorro (Licensing Management International)