Sales promotion professionals and advertising agencies

Using a licensed brand or character helps to connect with customers, attract attention and brings enormous brand equity. From washing powder to sunglasses and transport to cereals, licences are being utilised by sales promotion professionals to stimulate consumer demand and sales every day.

With some of the world's leading brand owners exhibiting, there is no better place to find the right brand or character for your campaign than Brand Licensing Europe.

Richard Pink, Managing Director of Pink Key Consulting, shares his top 10 tips for running a licensed promotion:

 1. Make sure you don't just look at potential fees - positive brand exposure can get you noticed and invigorate your whole programme.

2. Make creative suggestions on possible promotional mechanics and be prepared to sell the benefits of licensing, as well as your brand

3. Do the research on your potential partner - look at previous promotional activity for clues about what they are trying to achieve

4. Look for partners who have complementary commercial objectives, brand values and target demographics

5. Meet face-to-face to establish whether you can work together in partnership

6. Write everything down and make sure everyone knows their responsibilities - get a contract in place

7. Be creative with your brand to help your partner achieve their commercial objectives - but don't let your brand be overwhelmed

8. Make sure everyone understands the milestones and the approval process

9. Meet face-to-face on a regular basis to ensure that any issues are dealt with efficiently

10. Enter your campaign for the 'Best Marketing Communication Campaign' in the Licensing Awards!!