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Maat Entertainment. First-time exhibitor Maat Entertainment will present five brands at Budapest including the animated series, Umko, which was first broadcast in Slovenia in 2007. Licensing deals exist with Slovenian companies for food, school, apparel and paper-based products. Its most successful license to date is with the bank, Sparkasse, for a children’s savings account.

Procter & Gamble has co-branded Umko with some of its children’s brands including Duracell and Oral-B. Maat represents the brand worldwide and is looking for agents for Umko in all territories.
Maat also represents Vipo the Flying Dog, Pip the Cat and the Fitzroy Media brands, Funny Face and Secret Wings.

FremantleMedia Enterprises. FME’s top dog, Rebecca Bonbon, will be under the spotlight at the FME stand at the start of what the company hopes will be a successful licensing programme in Central and Eastern Europe, mirroring the brand’s popularity in Germany and the U.S.

FME will also highlight the Australian Drama Series, Dance Academy, for which broadcast times are soon to be confirmed, as well as “Monsuno” and “My Babysitter’s a Vampire,” both scheduled for broadcast in 2012. FME’s Diana Dieckmann, vp licensing for Germany, Eastern, Central & Southern Europe, says, “XFactor, H20 and Pop Idols all did well in this region driven by their huge success on air. So we’re glad to be offering new formats and drama.” The C&EE region is managed from FME’s German office, which has been operational for three years and the company is also seeking new brands to represent.

4Kids Entertainment International. 4Kids makes its debut in Budapest this year with a focus on the boys’ action brands, Dinosaur King and Yu Gi Oh, which is known across the region but with little product yet available. With new efforts to distribute and promote the trading card game, 4Kids will explain the potential of these brands to new partners. 4Kids will also present its pre-school brand, Penelope.

Performance Brands. Gola, Dunlop, Ford, Spyker, Lonsdale and Everlast are some of the brands being presented by the UK-based consultancy, Performance Brands. It’s most recent signing, The University of Oxford, makes its debut with at BLC&EE. The University of Oxford licensing programme will reflect a 900-year heritage while appealing to aspiring fashion consumers and keeping a particular focus on the learning generation.

Studio 100. First time exhibitor, Studio 100, will introduce Maya the Bee to potential licensing partners. The animated series is well known across the region and negotiations are underway to secure broadcast for the new, 3D animated version of Maya.

Studio 100’s Marie Laure Marchand says “We want to be ready for the new series of Maya. We are looking to develop the licensing programme across the region starting with toy and publishing categories. We would also like to find retailers or distributors for the plush, puzzles and ball games that are made by Studio 100.”

Studio 100 will also offer Bumba, a series for the very young about a clown, Zigby, and The House of Anubis, which airs on Nickelodeon U.S., following successful broadcast on Nickelodeon in Germany, Scandinavia and Benelux. A number of products are available from those territories, getting the programme off to a strong start in the C&EE region.

Allsorts Licensing. As well as its Yoga Cats and Dogs, Allsorts Licensing is presenting the classic brands, Betty Boop, Flash Gordon, Hagar The Horrible and Popeye, which are all are well known across the region.

4Sight Licensing Solutions. 4Sight brings two new art and design brands to BLC&EE:  Hokusai and Pachanga.

Pachanga features the natural designs and colour patterns found on 300 different species of South American moths. 4Sight is initially looking for partners in home textiles, home décor and tableware as well as stationery and publishing.  Hokusai is a new collection of imagery inspired by the artwork of one of Japan’s most prolific and distinctive artist, Katsushika Hokusai. 4Sight is seeking new licensees across Europe for home décor to include textiles, home accessories and room décor.

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