CN's "The Secret Saturdays" Taps Mattel for Toys

A full line of Mattel toys based on the new original Cartoon Network series "The Secret Saturdays" is expected to arrive at retailers in fall 2009.

Mattel, named the global master toy licensee for the TV show, will manufacture, market and sell action figures, playsets, role-play items and more.

"Following in the footsteps of 'Ben 10,' 'The Secret Saturdays' is Cartoon  Network's next big original series that promises to deliver boys both on air and at retail," says Christina Miller, vice president, Cartoon Network Enterprises. "We are thrilled to extend out strategic partnership with Mattel to create a range of products that will capture the tone and essence of the series."

"The Secret Saturdays" debuted on the Cartoon Network in October and follows the lives of a family of cryptozoologists. The show was created by Jay Stephens and produced by Fred Schaefer at Porchlight Entertainment.


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