"2016's Biggest Challenges & Opportunities" "On the Horizon: New Trends in Licensing" "Do Brands Matter to Millennials?" "Merchandising Music Brands" "Tapping into a New Language-Emojis"
"What Happened with Iconix?" "Bringing Fantasy Football to Life with NFLPA" "3D Printing in Action with the NFLPA" "Top Licensors Look Abroad" "Standing Out with Custom Content"
"The Rise, Fall & Rise Again of Brand Management Companies" "Cherokee After Target"      


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"Standing Out at Retail" "The Retail Shift to E-Commerce" Part 1 "The Retail Shift to E-Commerce" Part 2 "How Retailers Choose Which Brands to Promote" "Responding to Changing Retail Margins"
"Retail Wisdom from Top Execs" "Responding to the Changing Retail Landscape"      


"How Brands are Leveraging Social Media" "Tips for Going Global"  "10 Ways to Build a Strong Retail Partnership" "Why Athletes Make Great Licensing Partners" "How to Get a License with Dream Theatre"