Thursday, June 14

11:00am - 12:30pm

How to capture the attention of boys and their older but somewhat similar counterparts - dads!

Eddie Jabbour of KICK Design was the Creative Director of Ridemakerz for 5+ years, where he led the creation and brought to life the formula for reaching boys and their dads with this experiential car customizing toy brand. By tapping into the psychographics of boys and their play patterns, Jabbour and team created and executed on a vision to develop a brand that sparked the imagination and rugged play of boys, that dads also think is cool and has real collector "cred." Jabbour and members of the creative and marketing teams will populate this roundtable to discuss the road to creating products that boys and dads are passionate about as well as creating experiences that make them want to buy.

Creative Director
KICK Design Inc.

Eddie Jabbour is a creative director and entrepreneur with a background in design, brand building, character licensing and new media. His creative vision has been the catalyst to launch new brands and to drive existing brands into new areas. Eddie is the co-owner of KICK Design, a New York City based agency specializing in brand strategy, design and development - http://www.kickdesign.com.

Career highlights include:

– Mickey & Co., Creative directed the first-ever character licensing business for upscale adult apparel that was so successful it launched a whole generation of fashion, lifestyle, and retail businesses including the Disney Store.

– Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, Produced the Brand ID and a turn-key licensing design vision. Brought the 2D characters off the screen and into 3D.

– Corvette Racing and Badboyvettes, Developed the icon, microsite and merchandise line that brought the essence of Corvette Racing to a younger conquest audience. Called the best racing icon of all time by Jalopnik.

– Ridemakerz, Redefined the strategy and illuminated relevant play patterns, motivators and big ideas. Created the cool, energetic RZ attitude and vision that captures boys, dads as well as hard-core collectors.

– 101 Dalmations, Created the Brand ID & licensing style guide for the first Disney video release.

– GUINNESS, Extended the essence and heritage of GUINNESS into a lifestyle brand and mobile entertainment.

– KICKMap, Designed the critically acclaimed \"better\" NYC Subway map with 1 half million Apple App downloads.

– Andy Warhol Foundation, Built the vision and inspiration tools for the award-winning art brand.