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The 'How-To' Brand Licensing Handbook

Get all the essential information about the lucrative licensing industry in The Brand Licensing Handbook. Find out about the size of this growing industry, the latest trends, how to build a successful licensing deal and the pitfalls to avoid in this FREE download provided by License Global magazine.


  • Find out the size of the licensing industry and the potential it could have for your brand  
  • Get expert advice on how to have a successful licensing conversation  
  • Discover case studies of real examples of successful agreements that you could replicate for your business
  • Find out how to get the most out of a licensing agreement
  • Get the latest licensing industry trends and experts insights

This special guide was created by the Global Licensing Group at UBM to help retailers and manufacturers learn more about the world of licensing. It comprises of everything from the nuts and bolts of licensing to designing products and beyond. Find out more by downloading the Handbook for FREE!