Great Expectations: Pace, Selection, Convenience and the Customer

The landscape of commerce and customer expectations is rapidly changing. Nicholas Denissen, Vice President, Amazon, will deliver the opening keynote address at Licensing Expo 2018, speaking to how brands can grow their business online and what Amazon is doing to enable them. Nick, and panelists from industry leaders working with Merch by Amazon will discuss how they are capitalizing on ecommerce and reshaping their businesses to better anticipate customer appetite for unique content and larger selection.


Nicholas Denissen, Vice President, Amazon

Nicholas Denissen is a Vice President at Amazon. Previously, he was the Managing Director e-commerce at Douglas Holding AG, and served as Group-Director of E-Commerce. Prior to his appointment to Douglas Holding AG's Executive Board, he served as Vice President Media at Amazon in Munich. He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He earned his Master in Business Administration from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management/WHU.

Additional panelists joining Nicholas Denissen at the Licensing Expo Keynote include: Veronica Hart (CBS), Pete Yoder (Cartoon Network), Ali Berman (United Talent Agency), Jarrod Dogan (Hybrid Apparel), Ivan Lopez (Merch by Amazon), and best selling author/content creator/influencer Shane Dawson.


May 22nd, 2018


8:00AM Pacific -
9:00AM Pacific


Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Islander I Ballroom

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