Licensing University

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Acquire new strategies, shape innovative ideas, and build practical solutions by attending Licensing University™. Organized by LIMA, Licensing University includes a full day of "Basics" programming for industry newcomers, a full slate of "up close and personal" Roundtable sessions, and countless sessions on the latest trends in the licensing industry. Look no further to build and refine your brand licensing expertise at Licensing Expo.

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The Basics of Licensing

Consumer products licensing is about generating new revenue streams, expanding distribution, developing brand extensions, building brand awareness, supporting a fully-integrated marketing program, and more.

Participants in this session gain essential knowledge of licensing terms, business models, strategies, tactics, and analytic tools, as well as royalties, advances, and guarantees.

Licensing in the On-Demand Economy

It's a new era in the licensing business in which the speed at which brand owners, retailers, and licensees fulfill rapidly changing consumer demand will go a long way toward determining the future. Millenials and the generations that follow them have ushered in major changes in how content is consumed and products are purchased and will continue to shape the landscape as we move forward.

Working with Agents and Consultants

Licensing agents and consultants play a central role in the development of a successful licensing program. How do you figure out whether or not you need an agent or consultant? How do you determine who's the best one for you? What should you be asking them, and what should you be prepared to tell them about your business? How do the best relationships work? Panelists will include executives who work with corporate trademarks, entertainment and character properties, and art properties.