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But really though - what is it?

What Is Licensing?

Licensing is just about working with someone's brand.

Take a minute to watch this quick video for a breakdown on what licensing is and how it actually works.

You can find examples of licensing anywhere you look.

Licensing is much more than just branded t-shirts and toys - it reaches across various categories ranging anywhere from housewares to sporting goods and more.

Where does Licensing Expo fit in this mix?

Simple – we bring together the entire industry to facilitate licensing agreements you just can't find anywhere else.

Licensing, at its core, is the process of 'renting' a well-known brand and using it on products.

Connecting a powerful brand to an in-demand product helps to increase sales and drive revenue growth.


Licensees, retailers, and manufacturers make a majority of the 16,000+ attendees at Licensing Expo. Visitors come for a variety of reasons – not only to learn about the industry, but to network with brand owners and agents who exhibit at the event.


Brand owners and licensing agents - licensors - make a majority of the exhibitors at Licensing Expo. They represent 5,000+ of the world's most beloved brands to connect with licensees and retailers who can help expand their licensing business.

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